When we believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus, we are not only united to Jesus but also united with each other. Community Groups are then the environment where Harvest Church seeks to live out our corporate faith–where we know, love, and care for one another through the gospel and live on mission together.

We invite you to try out a group that fits your schedule and location. Feel free to reach out directly to any contact below. If you have any further questions, please email Matt Bishop at bishop@harvestchurchcary.com and he will be happy to assist you.

1. Jim JolinSun3:00pmjimjolin@gmail.com
2. Matt Bishop*Sun4:30pmbishop@harvestchurchcary.com
3. Chris EdisonMon6:30pmcbedison87@gmail.com
4. Chris VillanuevaMon6:30pmcsvillanueva05@gmail.com
5. Drew Raynor*Tues6:00pmdrew@harvestchurchcary.com
6. Micah Terhune*Tues6:00pmmicahterhune@gmail.com
7. Ben WrightTues6:30pmbenearlwright@gmail.com
8. Ben JohnsonTues6:30pmbenrusselljohnson@gmail.com
9. Brentice BushTues6:30pmbbush@gmail.com
10. Sean HoganWed6:00pmsean.edward.hogan@gmail.com
11. Matthew Poole*Wed6:00pmmatthew@harvestchurchcary.com

*childcare available