This Sunday we will gather and hear Matthew 6:19-24 taught. As one pastor and scholar put it, “This passage is about priorities, and the central priority is God himself.” This text will challenge your priorities and what you value. As Christians, we must value things differently than the world around us, because we are forced to reckon that what surrounds us and what we possess is temporary. Instead, we must value the eternal and that begins by valuing the people and relationships around us every day. What do you value? Are your values shaped by the eternal or by fleeting emotions?

Liturgy for Corporate Worship:

Psalm 97

This I Believe by Shane & Shane

1 Corinthians 15:50-58

Crying Holy by Aaron Keyes

The Power of the Cross by Leigh Nash

Christ Is Enough by Hillsong

Isaiah 55:12-13

O Church Arise by Tim Hughes


Photo by matthaeus on Unsplash

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