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Divorce is a difficult issues and one that pervades the culture in the United States, both inside and outside of the church. It is also not something is clean cut and simple. There are a variety of opinions and thoughts within Evangelical Christianity.

A few weeks ago, Matthew taught on Matthew 5:31-31 and 19:1-12, and was approached with several questions. The pastors of Harvest Church don’t claim to have a perfect understanding or answer for this difficult question. We can only seek to be faithful to the Bible. In lieu of that, here are some resources that you might find valuable as you process through the Biblical teachings on Divorce and Remarriage.

Exerpt: “Many people, especially Christians, have serious questions about divorce and remarriage. As the American family appears to be imploding with divorce, and as blended families become a major challenge to negotiate and develop by those who remarry, it is wise for us to examine again Paul’s instructions about divorce and remarriage in First Corinthians 7.”
CCEF faculty member Dr. David Powlison responds to the question “What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage?”
Brad Hambrick of Bridgehaven Counseling Associates gives his answer to how to respond when pornography enters a marital relationship.
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