Christmas is a special season of the year that is full of shopping and food and much more. Here at Harvest, we celebrate the coming of Christ, which is historically called advent. Advent simply means coming.

During this season, we look back upon the coming of Christ in the manger, in the incarnation, and we also look forward to his return, when he will set all things right. This is practiced in a variety of ways in different homes and traditions. Here are some resources that may help you and your family celebrate and look forward to the coming of the Savior of the word.

Athanasius’ On The Incarnation: This classic work is one that many read annually in preparation for Christmas. Athanasius, the church father, dives into profound theology that affirms and affects the way that each and every Christian views Christ and his saving work. Click here.

A Guide for Advent: The Arrival of King Jesus: A collection of essays that will help you focus on the meaning and anticipation of the Advent season, this guide will help you walk closer to Christ as the day we celebrate his birth draws close. Click here.

Biola University’s Online Advent Calendar: A Calendar that provides daily readings and reflections on the coming of Christ. Click here.

Jesus Storybook Bible Printable Advent Calendar & Reading Plan: Each day for 24 days you take one of the cards, read the corresponding Scriptures on the back, then read the companion story in The Jesus Storybook Bible. It’s super easy and fun for the entire family! Click here.

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