As you prepare for our time together this Sunday, spend some time praying through 1 John 1:5-10. God is separate from sin and calls us to fellowship with him. That’s difficult! Through Christ, we have full access, but sin remains in our lives. This week, spend time working through sin that you may find in your daily life. What does it look like to let light shine in on those dark places and make them new again?

This Sunday, Matthew will teach about the calling of the disciples and the beginnings of Jesus public ministry. This is foundational for our lives and what do, because our lives should be marked by the same things that marked Jesus’ life. Let’s embrace this goodness together!

Sermon Text:Matthew 4:12-25

Songs for Corporate Worship:

Be Thou My Vision – Citizens & Saints*

His Mercy Is More – Matt Boswell, Matt Papa

And Can It Be – Aaron Keyes

Our God Is Strong – 10,000 Fathers, David Walker

Let Us Be Know By Our Love – 10,000 Fathers

*We will use the traditional lyrics


Photo by Andrew McElroy on Unsplash

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