We were created with a purpose–to worship and live in right relationship with God our Maker. Because of sin, we all now have a worship problem. Rather than worship the Creator, we worship created things—we worship ourselves, other people, our jobs and hobbies, nature, and false gods. In Jesus Christ, God has come to restore proper worship in our hearts by forgiving us of our sin and making us righteous.

The Psalms of Ascent (Psalms 120-134) were used by the Jews as a special collection of Psalms during journeys they would make toward Jerusalem to worship God. As christians, we believe Jesus is the fulfillment of everything the temple represented. So this series is about us coming to Jesus. It’s about us gazing above the ever-changing circumstances and insufficient gods of this life to the unchanging beauty and sufficiency of Jesus.

4.19.15 – Psalm 121
4.26.15 – Psalm 127
5.3.15 – Psalm 129
5.10.15 – Psalm 130
5.17.15 – Psalm 132
5.24.15 – Psalm 133
5.31.15 – Psalm 134

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