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The Bible is a story, and Joshua is a small part of that story. This is a story that’s largely about redemption. God created, it was ruined, and he sets out to fix (or redeem) his creation. But this is also a story about extreme faithfulness. God remains faithful to people that betrayed him, he…

After teaching his parables, many people had questions and wanted validation of his identity. They wanted to know where his authority had come from. Instead of acceptance, he encountered repeated instances of rejection and unbelief. As followers of Christ, the foundation of our faith is belief in Jesus as the Son of God, but we…

As Jesus continued to teach in parables, he begins discussing weed, mustard and leaven. These may seem like odd things to compare a Kingdom to, but Jesus was teaching about how the Kingdom is integrated into the world, how we are to interact with the world. What does it look like for Christ followers to…

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